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Home-SOHO ADSL2+ Plans 
download an application form here
plan name  included data per 
calendar month
cost/month excess data
charge /GB opt
RA2-15 15 GB $45.00 50c
RA2-50 50 GB $55.00 50c
RA2-100 100 GB $65.00 50c
RA2-250 250 GB $75.00 50c
RA2-500 500 GB $95.00 50c
all plans come with a static IP address included

* when the included download amount is reached, further use attracts excess data charges
* uploads are not charged
* opt means 'or part thereof'

ADSL2+ service speed at your computer is dependent on many factors, primarily the distance from your telephone exchange; you should consider 18000 kbps (18 Mbps) to be the maximum speed if you are located within 1km of your local telephone exchange. As distance from the exchange increases, the speed of ADSL2+ decreases to the point where at around 3km, there may be little or no speed advantage over standard ADSL