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Broadband (ADSL/SDSL) Services
Home and SOHO
  ADSL2+ plans 
these high-speed plans are very nicely priced!
  ADSL2+ and phone bundle plans 
     if you use a landline, these plans are fabulous value!
  Standard ADSL plans 
     standard services with plenty of data at great prices!
Business - enhanced reliability 
  ADSL2+ plans
     economic and reliable services - a must for business!
  all our broadband connections come with static IP included
  'monthly' data amounts for plans are per calendar month

Please note:

it's fine to run a network on one of our broadband connections; however, we do not provide free network support
Broadband setup costs at a glance
as well as the monthly plan cost, the following once-off costs apply:-
Home and SOHO
new broadband service: $99.00
churn to Interwerks: $29.00
new broadband service: $119.00
churn to Interwerks: $39.00
Hardware costs (if hardware required)
preconfigured router: $89.00
(wireless model): $129.00
express postage: $15.00
Plan change costs
see application form for details
Minimum contract length
12 months unless otherwise stated
Contract early termination charge
$100.00 unless otherwise stated