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Home - SOHO ADSL2+ and Phone Bundles
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plan name

included data
per month
cost per month
line rental
per month
bundle cost
per month
excess data
cost /GB opt
PRA2-15 15 GB $29.00 $20.00 $49.00 50c
PRA2-50 50 GB $39.00 $20.00 $59.00 50c
PRA2-100 100 GB $49.00 $20.00 $69.00 50c
PRA2-250 250 GB $59.00 $20.00 $79.00 50c
PRA2-500 500 GB $79.00 $20.00 $99.00 50c
bundle call bonus option: 3000 minutes per month of free local and STD calls for an extra $10.00 per month

all plans come with a static IP address included

when the included download amount is reached, further use attracts excess data charges
* uploads are not charged
* opt means "or part thereof"
call rates additional features
local calls 20c (untimed) call return free
national calls** 15c per minute 3-way call free
calls to mobiles** 35c per minute call waiting free
13/1300 calls 30c unlisted number free
** these calls incur a flagfall of 35c call number display block free
voicemail $3.00 per month
caller ID display $3.00 per month
select call accept $3.00 per month