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Naked ADSL2+ Plans 
Download an application form for one of these plans  here
plan name included data per month cost
excess data
12noon - 2am* 2am - 12noon* total per month
NKA-65GB 5 GB 60 GB 65 GB $55.00 $3.00 
NKA-70GB 10 GB 60 GB 70 GB $60.00 $3.00 
NKA-85GB 25 GB 60 GB 85 GB $65.00 $3.00 
NKA-110GB 50 GB 60 GB 110 GB $75.00 $3.00 

* excess data charge is per GB or part thereof, and applies to the data used in both the peak and off-peak periods; 'monthly' plan data amounts are per calendar month

ADSL2+ Speed

ADSL2+ service speed at your computer is dependent on many factors - primarily distance from your telephone exchange; you should consider 18000 kbps to be the maximum speed if you are located within 1km of your local telephone exchange. As distance from the exchange increases, the speed of ADSL2 decreases to the point where at around 3km, there may be no speed advantage over standard ADSL.


Interwerks Naked ADSL2+ at a glance:

  change over to Naked ADSL2+ and you no longer have to pay telephone line rental

  the telephone line nominated for Naked ADSL2+ must be capable of making and receiving calls at the time you apply

  with Naked ADSL2+,  you lose your current telephony services, and your  telephone number is cancelled 

  the Naked ADSL2+ service we provide is suitable for VoIP communications

  the minimum contract length for the Naked ADSL2+ is 12 months

  setup charge for Naked ADSL2+ is $69.00

  preconfigured modem/router - $99.00; wireless model $159.00 (delivery $15.00)