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Wireless Plans - Optus 3G Wireless - Monthly and Prepaid plans

Whether you need a mobile Internet connection or you're too far from the local telephone exchange to receive ADSL broadband, these great-value Optus 3G Wireless plans are a neat solution!

Before applying you should check Optus wireless reception at your location(s) - bring up the Optus location availability page and enter the address details - either yellow or brown at the location means you can get good reception with these plans. Go here for the Optus wireless location availability page OPTUS

Other than the cost of the plan you choose, you will need to purchase a USB Wireless modem and 3G SIM - a total of $99.00 plus $15.00 postage. Full installation instructions are included - easy!

Once you've decided on the plan you need and confirmed your location(s) for reception, go to our application page  here , download and complete the application form and get it back to us.

Monthly plans:    
plan name data allowance
 per month
cost / month excess data charge plan stopped once data used reaches
3GWM-200MB 200MB $14.95 $0.075/MB 6 GB
 3GWM-1GB  1 GB $19.95 $0.075/MB 6 GB
3GWM-3GB 3 GB $29.95 $0.075/MB 6 GB
3GWM-6GB 6 GB $44.95 $0.075/MB 7 GB

*data allowance per month includes both uploads and downloads

'Monthly' plans are calendar month-to-month, with no fixed contract length